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How Many Times Do You Brush Your Teeth a Day?


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Well Everyone, it seems the lounge is finally turning into a bathroom so i've decided to ask the epic question of: how many times do you brush your teeth a day?


I normally brush them twice. once in the morning and once at night. what about you?

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You do all that? It works- you do have nice teeth. :D

I brush in the morning. I try to brush before bed too but it depends on if I have the energy. I know, poor excuse. :tongue:


Aww thanks, Jenika! :nice:


Haha yeah I used to be lazy at night, but if I don't brush it at night then I don't put on my retainer, so my teeth are not at its best. Plus, my teeth are whiter with the floss and rinse and brushing regularly. :D

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