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Chris song ban


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COLDPLAY have stopped performing the song Green Eyes live because it’s about a girl who frontman CHRIS MARTIN knew before GWYNETH PALTROW.


He told 150 fans at their tiny gig at Sydney’s Opera House: “It’s not about the right person. It’s like an old pair of trousers, it doesn’t fit.”

Green Eyes has been replaced by a track called Moses, which is about his Gwynnie, as Chris told fans in Denver last month.


It includes the lyrics: “Like Moses has power over the sea/So you’ve got power over me.


“You’re a refuge, somewhere I can go/You’re air that, air that I can breathe/’Cause you’re my golden opportunity.”


© The Sun

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:lol: maybe they should ban all songs that are not about Gwyneth! :smug:


Kidding. Kinda understand him though, the song just doesn't "speak to him" now, I'd much rather hear him song that you can feel it comes from the bottom of his heart :smug:

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Its not just about the song its about chris's personal life effecting the music

I always thought it wasn't any of our business who he goes out with but

which songs are gonna get the chop if he breaks up with

paltrow :angry:

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Oh jeez, why does everyone assume this is true and he meant it like that, he didn't said he doesn't sing it b/c it's not about Gwyneth, he says it's the 'wrong person', maybe he had a nasty break up with this person and no longer wishes to song about her. I mean if it were really true that he wouldn't sing about ex-loves wouldn't 'The Scientist' be struck off? AND don't credit the other guys with so little credit as to assume they would let Chris walk all over them, if they wanted 'Green Eyes' on the setlist, they'd out vote him and tell him so! :angry: :)

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I don't believe in everything these newspapers say...

Chris only told about 'a wrong person' and these journalists speak about Gwynie and all that stuff, drawing conclusions about something they don't know...

Aaaargh, damn press!!! :angry:

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