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Who's Your Best Friend?


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I have three best friends who I love a whole bunch


John- one of my best friends and my boyfriend :) He always knows how to cheer me up, he's easy to talk to, fun to be around, really funny, really really handsome and he doesn't mind that I'm an emotional baby :D


Leyna- I've known her since I was a baby and we're almost like sisters. We know just about everything about each other and she's the sweetest girl in the world.


Amanda- She's HILARIOUS and very ghetto :lol: She always speaks her mind and doesn't care what other people think and that's why everyone who meets her loves her.

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John- one of my best friends and my boyfriend :) He always knows how to cheer me up' date=' he's easy to talk to, fun to be around, really funny, really really handsome and he doesn't mind that I'm an emotional baby :D [/quote']


*blush* Thanks hun : :) I can't even begin to say how much Jess means to me.

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Well, thinking of it now I did have a best friend once, it was my girlfriend. Whenever I first started dating her I was like "Damn this girls a hot piece o'" etc. you know the like. And she really changed my whole outlook and respect for women, she was a great person, unlike most guys who are STUCK with their girlfriend or whatever I thoroughly enjoyed talking to her as much as she did to me. This was like, 3 years ago?


And she was great through our whole relationship nomatter how much of a pain I was and nobody has friends like that, it was more than just a high school romance and it was more than love. When I made my last mistake and she dumped me it took a long long long time to get over it and Im STILL getting over it, and now shes completely changed. We still sorta have a thing going on but relationship side of things are dead over, full stop. Shes changed, a lot. I want to still love her because she's all Ive known (Which is very scary and makes me insecure) but shes a different person now, and I still want her for the girl she used to be. Like what the fuck I cant turn to anyone else, not even my actual girlfriend right now.


She was my best friend, I'll never get that back. I may get love back some day, but not like that.

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Yea, I know what you mean.


My best firends...


James - The guy I could tell lots of stuff to. The guy I can get advice from, and vice versa.


Christina - I've known her for a year and a half. She's a really great person. She's just great to be around, she laughs at all my cheesy jokes. She knows how to make a guy happy when he's feeling down (NO NOT THE DIRTY WAY) haha. And though I've not really talked to her for awhile, because I've been busy, she still thinks I'm a really great guy. She asked me out to her prom..... well that's enough.


Alex - He's the guy that I can joke around with most!


Sean - Is the most trustworthy person ever. He's a really nice guy. He's good at giving advice.

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Guest Grace

i asked myself if i should have opened a brandnew thread, but since we got a search function we might as well use it.



so... how about your friends?

do you have a bunch of good friend or just a few really, really closer friends you share everything with?

well, i got one best friend.

all the other people i know i don't consider as a "friend". i mean, they're mates. it's not that i'd really stay in touch with most of them after graduating. so.

there's this girl and i love her to death. (:laugh3: no, i am not a lesbian.)

her name is natascha and i'd do absolutely anything for her.

i often just feel very lonely and misunderstood and all that crap and she certainly is the only person i can talk to who even understands where i'm coming from. seriously, sometimes it's a bit scary how much we have in common although we're totally different from each other. she knows everything about me. each and every secret and all the dark spots. and i know everything about her. i know it won't stay like this forever, but she'll always have a huuuuuge place in my heart. :)

we laugh about the same stupid crap, we've got a horrible sense of humour. we both like silly 80's songs and we don't even have to talk to each other anymore. one look is enough to know what the other one's thinking.

i just had to tell the world how much that girl means to me. :heart:

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Well, i have 2 good friends + a friend who used to be my best friend but i don't really enjoy being around her that often anymore + friends i know from school and really enjoy being with.

But it's mostly the 4 of us hanging with each other at school and on our freetime.


None of my friends know everything about me. No one does actually and sometimes i feel lonely because of that. But then again i don't want people to know too much about me..i don't know why though.


And then i have my internet friends and i think i'm a quite good friend with one of them but it don't really know about that either anymore as times have changed and we don't really get to talk that much anymore but i hear from him every 2 days or so anyway. We text quite a lot and call maybe once or twice a month.

It's funny how much he means to me.

But then again, i don't think anyone truly knows me so it's a bit weeeirrd.

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i dno, my friends really don't like me all that much...




i'd say my camp friends are my best friends.




For about the first 12 or so years of my life I had one distinct friend. Then in grade 6 I became really good friends with mooseheadsfan off of this forum and we were pretty tight (still are, just harder being in separate universities). So I pretty much had 2 best friends.

Then in grade 12 I became really good friends with a girl, and for about the past year or so we've pretty much been best friends as well. So I guess I'll cheat and say I have 3 best friends....

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