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Who's Your Best Friend?


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well, i'm not even sure i have a best friend. but yeah, there's one girl i talk to a lot, and we like each other. we always have something to talk about, i can say she's my best friend. but this longs just for half a year or so. when i had my dark times, she helped me a lot and i appreciate it.


i've got lots of friends that are just "mates" like you said. i talk to them about common and normal things and stuff. it's real fun with them, but i don't think i could tell them everything.


finally, it's my boyfriend. i can tell him really anything. my feelings, ideas, everything. he's my love and best friend in one.




i have a friend. she's my classmate, i know her for about 10 years or so. two years ago, we were indissoluble, but now, we've got different opinions and stuff. it's not the way it used to be anymore.

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I don't have any best friends.

I have a bunch of people that I talk to, but I'm not really close to anybody. I'm not good around people, I don't really talk a lot about myself or anything like that.


It sort of comes from moving so much. We moved a lot before we came here a couple years ago, but I still can't let go of the anxiety that we're going to leave again. Every once in a while I'll get this weird desire to pack all my stuff away and move, like I'm supposed to move somewhere.


Another thing is that I can't seem to find anybody that shares my interests, or anybody that wants to talk about interesting stuff. I think I sort of did, but he's kind of annoying sometimes. I always end up being friends with annoying, weird people. Ugh. But he's nice.


My situation is just weird.

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i have a close circle of friends, all of which i call my best friends, even though there's about eight of them. but we've all grown up together, and i've known some of them since i was four years old. it's really hard being away from them now that we're all at different unis. in high school, i just kind of went around in different groups and didn't really rank how i liked those people over others.


but i'd say i have four best friends that i love "the most," i guess, though i feel bad saying that. one i've known since i was four and she was six, alex, and she's the nicest person you'll ever come across ever. i feel like she gets me quite well, but even when i'm positive that she doesn't understand where i'm coming from, she says she does anyway. i just love that she's so unjudgemental, because everyone else in the world seems to think i'm a bit insane (which i am) and like to take the mickey out of me for it.

the other three are this INSANE bunch of guys who are all best friends with each other and are the most hilarious people i've ever met. for some odd reason, they let me into their little cirlce and i love them for it, even though i'm often the odd one out because i'm the girl.


all the others i do love, but they annoy the CRAP out of me so much sometimes that i want to strangle them. they're either so superficial or so judgemental or so obnoxious that i have to move to a different circle for a while to stand it. in that way, it's nice to have a break from them after being with them pretty much every day of my life for 13 years straight. but i still miss them like hell.

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Hmm... I have used to say that my best friend lives in another town ( where I lived before i moved to this town ). I have known her since we were 6 years old. We used to be together anywhere, we used to be like a shirt and a butt. ( or I guess it would be better if I say like a shirt and a button :D )


After realizing that we don't chill around together anymore, I noticed that I don't have best friends at all. Of course my boyfriend is a very good friend of mine, and still I meet that childhood friend of mine, but I guess I don't have that "true best friend" at all.


For now, I have many friends around me. Almost all of them are boys, because I feel much more relaxed when I'm with boys. I don't have to think what I'm going to say, but sometimes I really need a good girlish company with never-ending-laughts.

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It's complicated when it comes to me and friends. :laugh4:


I have some uni mates (two or three of them are more friends than mates) and another friend who's very nice and willing to help me out anytime. :)


Then there's this other friend that used to be my best friend, but I don't know ... and she dislikes a lot two of my friends (one's already mentioned).


And my boyfriend who's also my best friend. He's a sweetheart.


And then there's an internet friend who I'm not too close with anymore. :( We were talking 24/7, but ... :(

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