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Who's Your Best Friend?


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i was just wondering what kind of people we all have as our best friends.


i've got a couple.


rana - she's my only muslim friend and i love her dearly for it. she helps me get more into my faith and discover what kind of a person i can be.


kate - she's the person i can always have a good time with. we're pretty open friends to one another. absolutely no secrets between us. we can be completely honest.


alison - she's the best of my best friends. we're opposites. when we get in fights its brutal. but i love her so much. she's the sister i never had.


okay, next! :D

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Jonny........... is my best friend and my boyfriend :blush:

We have so much fun together and he makes me feel happier than i have done in a long time


Elaine................... i can tell her anything and she will always be there to listen or else help me breathe after crying :shocked2: :lol: and she never judges


MY wee brother...Dean... he's probably my bestttt friend. he's always there for me and we can laugh about absolutley nothing but end up in tears laughing so hard :shocked2:


WOOOO to best friends



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lauren- she's soo great and is there for everything. really sporty girl who loves sports and is a great althlete.


josh- my boyfriend :blush: he's great.


christina- she always listens to what i need to say


kevin- he's a great guy and does things that a lot of girls don't like doing. except lauren.

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This is strange for me 'cause I've met a lot of people in differents jobs and studies, so I have different friends in differents moments of my life, but not just one best friend. I have some from a long time ago...

- Alicia: she's really sweet, nice, and understanding, she always knows my problems and try to help me. And her bf is soooo cute!! :rolleyes:

- Marian: I admire her a lot for being soooo strong with her illness, she's like my heroine and make me laugh a lot.

- Esperanza: she's older than us and always give me advices and cheer me up to make evolving my life

- Belen: we met 17 years ago! she's really sweet and fragile, so understanding

- and also my production mates Monica, Miriam and Katja, who always work with me and make me laugh a lot when we gossip (really often)


Oooh, now I'm thinking about how good is having so great friends :blush:

Hail to the friends!!!!! :D

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lets see' date=' you dont know my name but you want to know my 2 best friends names, makes a lot of sense.[/quote']



lets see....you see this thread...and you don't give an answer...but you still post....makes a lot of sense :P

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Sean- He's my homeboy. I've known him for the longest time and he literally cracks me up EVERYTIME!!


Eric- he's just the greatest guy, i get along really well with him. he's a great person.


"Cheeky"- that's her nickname, she's awesome!! We go out all the time and she rules like no one else!! hahaha :lol:

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I dont have a best friend. I have a bunch of meaningless friends, just so I have the option of having a social life, but I never really saw the point behind having a best friend. Im suuuch a loner.


Reading all your messages make me feel like Im missing out on something, :( oh well.

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