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Apple unveils 'thinnest iPod yet'

Black Rose

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Yes it is that time of year when Apple announces the new range of iPods to take on the christmas market.





Apple has unveiled the latest version of its iPod Nano, featuring what is says are the thinnest measurements yet.


The fourth generation Nano was launched at a US press conference by Apple chief Steve Jobs, who announced new shuffle and library features.


He also listed the Nano's environmental credentials, including arsenic-free glass and a mercury and PVC-free body that is "highly recyclable".


The Nanos are expected to sell in the UK for £109 ($191) for the 8GB version.


The 16GB version will retail at £149.


Speaking live in San Francisco, Mr Jobs unveiled Apple's new Genius function which allows users to create automatic playlists from the iPod's library with the click of a button.


He said the function worked by taking one song and creating a playlist based on the user's song library and could also suggest other tracks the user might want to buy.


Mr Jobs said the new Nano also had a "shake to shuffle" mode, which sends the gadget to shuffle mode with the flick of a wrist.


The Apple chief executive officer said the company had sold more than 160 million iPods since the MP3 player was introduced seven years ago.

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i'll stick with my 80GB Classic i think...might need to get a bigger one...it's full :laugh3:


I'll stick with my 160GB Classic I think...might need to get a bigger one...it's getting full :laugh3:


Wait, there is no bigger iPod :(


Boys, haven't you heard??? Size isn't everything!!!

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iTunes v8 out soon anybody?


i got it. the only thing that i find that's different is the "genius" option, which is pretty cool, i think, but there's quite a bit of room for improvement. apparently it'll get better and better, though, as the software gathers more and more information about peoples' libraries. sometimes i'm a bit baffled by the playlists it puts together, but i'm also currently loving the one it made based around sigur ros's "hoppipolla," so who knows.


i don't need another ipod, but i kind of really really want the touch. actually, what i really want is the iphone without the phone (namely the camera and the ability to surf the web anywhere, not just where there's a wifi network), but if they ever add those two features to the touch, i'm getting one ASAP :P

(or if they make my college campus wireless, either one).

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This is a joke, that Steve Jobs replaces the iPod Nano like 3 times every year.


They got to keep sales up somehow, a new Nano makes people go out and buy it because it's the latest must-have, but has the benefit of shops selling the old nanos at knock-down prices, getting rid of old-stock.


But it's been once a year around this time that the new range comes out.

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