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I say the support the destruction of the constitution because they passed FISA and the Patriot Act and will not stand up to any of the other Unconstitutional bills that have been passed.When comes to the constitution and civil liberties the Dems fight just as hard against ut as the Republicans do. We have 2 groups of people viscously attacking our constitution, that should worry everyone.


Obama sold his soul for the election as well, talking a big game all those years of being for the Constitution while voting for FISA and the Patriot Act. Both are guilty of attacking our constitution, don't play partisan politics and blame one side when both are equally guilty.

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Everyone screams about Palin being far to the right.


What about Obama. He is just as far to the LEFT as Palin is to the RIGHT.


Obama is not acceptable either.


How extremely to the left is he, though? He's quite liberal, yes...but not to the extent Palin is on the right.

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Seeing the difference takes some data, and I once again refer to Project VoteSmart. However, there is a problem with the corporate money and other special influence money buying preferential legislation and perks. It gums up the regulatory agencies, and often those in charge of regulation are nothing but industry appointees, who then circulate back into industry when their tenure as head of XYZ is over. But, corruption takes time to settle in, and the Republicans took it new extremes with Jack Abramoff. The corporate money is dished out to both sides, but not in equal measure. And the Democrats do not cook up phony reasons to go to war on some "holy crusade" to spread democracy by creating an American beach-head in Iraq.

The solution I see is to form Citizen Oversight Groups to oversee the process, and limit maximum contributions to an amount affordable to the average citizen - and no more. Provide equal access to the media for spots and debates, paid for out of a fund of media money returned to the Government for their use of the Commons - the Airwaves themselves. Make this available for all viable candidates, so anyone who has a reasonable level of public support can be heard. Return the control of the debates and the questions to the League of Women Voters, so it isn't just another infomercial, and the candidates have to answer questions that the voters find important, not just use emotional rhetoric to convince the public of their worthiness for office.


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Obama keeps corruption going in government.


Many of his close friends are developers and they donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign's. In turn he gets them millions of dollars worth of government money and the clearance to build low income housing and apartments in return.


The problem is, these apartments are some of the worst in our country, receiving 11 point out of a 100 point system by inspectors. Sewage backs up in the sink and most are without heating for the winter in the north.


Mr Obama allows this to go on while his friends profit millions of dollars from the building process and give hundreds of thousands to his campaings throughout the year. Do you really think he cars about helping anyone out? He lets people freeze in the winter and have sewage back up in their sink while his friends make away with millions of tax payer money. He sure is some man of the people for change. The only change will be the amount of money his friends get when he's in office.

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