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What's your least favourite thing about this board?


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I hate large signatures. It's like ... taking up too many space! :D



same here....


but there's not really something that makes me think.. "ohh I hate this and this about coldplaying".. because it's a really friendly place... I haven't been in many forums but I know some boards where people is not really friendly so the don't make me want to post in there... but here everyone is nice :blush:

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Ok, I guess that is my cue to bow out!


Night, night, everyone



I didn't mean you specifically, but fights with Mark usually end up this way. I'd really like to have a normal, proper talk with him, but I'm left with no will trying because of these puns.


They are interesting in a way, but usually, they discourage me from posting and I really think it'd be the same if I left the board or stayed because I get nothing from him, if you know what I mean. For me, posting is meaningless if I know there's someone who'd make a joke everytime about everything I've said - whether it's appropriate or not. It discredits me almost everytime.


And Mark, you'd really upset me if you made a joke about this post of mine. I mean it.


ETA: Ale - yes, but not everywhere threads get killed by puns towards those who are either too serious/easily angered or those who just want the normal conversation keep going. I'm not against jokes, but sometimes it gets out of hand. And I'm all for fun, but some things aren't to be taken as lightly as "I cut my fingernails" kind of threads.

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i'll go with the majority here.


some signatures are massive. it'd probably be better if we had a limit or something.


and birthday threads. and conversation threads. there should be a sticky called birthday wishes. or a sub forum at least. and another called random conversation where people can talk. but i mean, that's what PMs are for.


just saying, if i go in a thread for hot girls, i just want to see hot girls. i don't want to read about how peter has had a lovely day and is having troubles with his girlfriend.




i was pretty surprised people actually came up with some suggestions. but i mean there were examples of things i didn't necessarily like in this thread. the conversation mark had with that person (i didnt read the username), i mean i don't mind the puns if they're spread out but it was a straight back and forth conversation between them both. NOT ON TOPIC GUYZ :(

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