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What's your least favourite thing about this board?


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The one thing that is bugging me now is that it says: Your notifications:1 and then I check it, and it's still there! And I cant change my mood!

I'm sure that's only my user though.

Ohhh I just had that problem!!! Thanks to the wise Melanie it got fixed.

You go to your last page of converstions and check them all, so they get highlighted. Then delete them, then when it asks you why you deleted them just put a comma or something. Then it should go away!!!

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To me the lounge should be general topics that don't fit the other areas. Not conversations.


That's just me, I hope someone sees this post and agrees though, at least with one point of it. And says so. Cause I just think it'd help. Maybe it should just be put to a poll or something.

I agree.

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