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Sooo.... who here likes Shakespeare?


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So I have an assignment this week for my Shakespeare class in which I have to write a letter to a friend who hates reading Shakespeare, telling him/her why the plays are great and worth reading. As someone who likes reading Shakespeare only moderately, I can only come up with a few things. Any advice? :cool:

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Shakespeare rocks!! Admittedly the language takes a bit of getting your head round, but once you're in the flow its not bad.


As for the letter to your friend, a good starting point is the variety. There's something for everyone. You've got historical, comedic, and tragic plays. They're great studies of human nature, from the jealousy of Othello to the scheming of Lady Macbeth.

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im not a huge fan

...but i know and see how massively important he was to our language and the way we use words and stuff like 'dat innit' :rolleyes:


...but the only thing i dont like about shakespeare is the load of work we have to do about him at school...analyzing everything and anything.


as this sketch will show :rolleyes:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE5jB2tl70M]YouTube - Punch Shakespeare[/ame]

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