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Bloc Party: Coldplay Should Be Applauded...


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Kele Okereke has said that Coldplay should be ‘applauded’ for their re-working of Kraftwerk’s ‘Computer Love’. Chris Martin famously lifted the tune from one of the German techno giants’ most famous song and used it for Coldplay’s arena-filling hit, ‘Talk’. The song, which featured on Coldplay’s ‘X And Y’ album, drew high praise from Bloc Party’s singer. Introducing Kraftwerk’s original, he said:


“The next song is ‘Computer Love’ by Kraftwerk. You may recognise the melody because it was used in a recent Coldplay song called ‘Talk’. One really has to applaud Coldplay for making Kraftwerk sound like stadium rock. That’s one of my favourite achievements of theirs”.


In other news to be taken slightly less seriously, drummer Matt Tong alleged he barely knew the surname of his alleged ‘friend’ and band-mate. Talking about the benefits of co-hosting The Residency with Kele he said,


“I’ve become really accustomed to hanging out with you even thought I’ve been hanging out with you for five years. It’s amazing how you can hang out with someone on a tour bus and not now their surname”.






Yeah, 'cos slagging off other bands is really so worthy of true applause :rolleyes:

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Erm, am I missing Kele being ironic? As far as I can see he's actually saying he likes it, not being sarcastic lol.


Bloc Party are one of the best bands in the world at the moment, don't hate yO.


No, it's definitely sarcastic, I think


And just because Bloc Party are good doesn't mean we can't think the singer shouldn't slag others off. Is nothing to do with their music. :D

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Doesn't Bloc Party sample too? Shit.


No, they don't sample anything.


I think that he was being genuine really. but with the Internet, it's too hard to detect sarcasm.


I saw Bloc Party last night.....the gig reminded me why they're edging to be my favourite band along with Coldplay. They were amazing.

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