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UK Support Acts: Eugene Francis Jnr/The High Wire/The Domino State


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Eugene Francis Jnr's "Hobo Occupation" release!



That well loved Welsh man Eugene Francis Jnr will be releasing "Hobo Occupation" through Legion Records on November 24th. And as if that's not enough to warm the cockles of your heart, he's also going on a UK/EU/US tour with Coldplay and Todd Rundgren respectively!


++23/10/08 : USA : Webster Hall, New York (for CMJ)

06/11/08 : UK : Academy, Manchester : with Todd Rundgren

07/11/08 : UK : Picture House, Edinburgh : with Todd Rundgren

09/11/08 : DENMARK : Amager Bio, Copenhagen : with Todd Rundgren

10/11/08 : FINLAND : House of Culture, Helsinki : with Todd Rundgren

12/11/08 : SWEDEN : Traddgaarn, Gothenburg : with Todd Rundgren

13/11/08 : SWEDEN : Kulturbolaget, Malmo : with Todd Rundgren

16/11/08 : GERMANY : Harmonie, Bonn : with Todd Rundgren

18/11/08 : ITALY : Rolling Stone, Milan : with Todd Rundgren

20/11/08 : FRANCE : Trabendo, Paris : with Todd Rundgren

22/11/08 : UK : Waterfront, Norwich : with Todd Rundgren

23/11/08 : UK : Kentish Town Forum, London : with Todd Rundgren

29/11/08 : UK : Arena, Sheffield : with Coldplay

01/12/08 : UK : NIA, Birmingham : with Coldplay

02/12/08 : UK : NIA, Birmingham : with Coldplay

03/12/08 : UK : NIA, Birmingham : with Coldplay

06/12/08 : UK : SECC Hall, Glasgow : with Coldplay

07/12/08 : UK : Echo Arena, Liverpool : with Coldplay

09/12/08 : UK : SECC Hall, Glasgow : with Coldplay

15/12/08 : UK : O2, London : with Coldplay++




Debut album The Golden Beatle was given Album of the Issue status for #5. You can still get your copy from here, Bristol's FOPP, Liverpool's Probe and shortly Cardiff's Barfly and Oxford's Zodiac, or whatever it is they're calling it these days.


You'll be able to buy a physical copy from the Legion website, linked above. As DrunkenWerewolf is a person who doesn't like iTunes, she cannot link to the legal download, but if you can then you go for it, download some illegal spyware while you're at it.

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Its also on his my space page


29 Nov 2008 20:00

EFJ and The Juniors @ Sheffield ARENA (supporting Coldplay) Sheffield

1 Dec 2008 20:00

EFJ and The Juniors @ Birmingham NIA (supporting Coldplay) Birmingham

2 Dec 2008 20:00

EFJ and The Juniors @ Birmingham NIA (supporting Coldplay) Birmingham

3 Dec 2008 20:00

EFJ and The Juniors @ Birmingham NIA (supporting Coldplay) Birmingham

6 Dec 2008 20:00

EFJ and The Juniors @ Glasgow SECC HALL (supporting Coldplay) Glasgow

7 Dec 2008 20:00

EFJ and The Juniors @ Liverpool ECHO ARENA (supporting Coldplay) Liverpool

9 Dec 2008 20:00

EFJ and The Juniors @ Glasgow SECC HALL (supporting Coldplay) Glasgow

15 Dec 2008 20:00

EFJ and The Juniors @ London O2 ARENA (supporting Coldplay) London




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From Wikipedia:


Along with school friends Nav Verghese and Baz Hall, he formed The Fantastic Super Foofs at Brynteg School in Bridgend circa 1994 playing under the name 'Eso Burst'. At this stage they played punk rock, and were briefly known as "Mister Puss" (after his cat), until Verghese penned a song called 'The Fantastic Super Foofs' in his side-project 'Lesters Lovechild' and hence resulted in a name change in 1996. Their first recording as a group was a Ltd EP release on "Russboy Records" titled "Gliptus."


By this point EFJ had enrolled at University College London studying Planetary Science. It was here he found himself in the same halls of residence as Coldplay and My Vitriol. Whom he quickly befriended. After graduating and spending time in Australia, The Fantastic Super Foofs released the singles "Bilo Boss", "Devan Endo" and "Timmy Zuckermann" on the independent labels Floating Toast and Fuzzbox Records. These singles were met with positive reviews in the NME and were played by Steve Lamacq and the late John Peel.



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Viva la difference; Cardiff singer's choice not to join Coldplay hasn't dented his confidence or career.


EUGENE Francis Jnr made his decision and he sticks by it - who wants to be in Coldplay, anyway?


The Cardiff singer/songwriter became good friends with the million-selling band, who are currently at No 1 in the charts with their fourth album, Viva La Vida, when they studied together at University College London.


Francis, who roomed with Coldplay's drummer Will Champion in halls of residence, even holds the distinction of having had Chris Martin and co support his former band, The Fantastic Super Foofs, back in 1996.


"We all hung out and made music and there was a time ...





(Jen's Note - I don't have a subscription to extrcat the rest of the article :( )

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090508tour.jpgNewsreel: UK support acts announced

October 20, 2008 10:46 am

Three bands to share UK support slots



Good morning. We're pleased to be able to confirm the support acts for Coldplay's UK/Irish tour, which kicks off in Sheffield on November 29th.


29th November - 10th December: Eugene Francis Jnr and the Juniors

11th December - 23rd December: The High Wire (apart from London dates)


London dates to be split as follows:


14th December: The Domino State

15th December: Eugene Francis Jnr and the Juniors

16th December: The High Wire


Click on the bands' names to check out their MySpace profiles. And look out for interviews with all three on the site soon.



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I'm on it!



Here's a start of what other had to say about them:



About The High Wire Our debut album 'Ahead of the rain' Now available on itunes and Rough Trade

“… psych-pop soundscapes of a billowing expansiveness that recalls MBV, Spiritualized and Mercury Rev at their most abundant … if you’re looking for the album to soundtrack your spring and summer escapism, Ahead of the Rain is it.” Sunday Times, Breaking Act March 30 2008

“… lusciously woozy affair, recalling the hazy, narcotic ballads of US dream-popsters Galaxie 500…potent stuff…” Q

" MBV - meets - Mercury Rev... gorgeous..." Uncut

“…The High Wire’s debut is full of such glimmering, sun-kissed guitar pop that it’ll banish the blues in an instant.” NME

“…a wistful dream of a record…” Clash

“Soft, Shoegazerish bliss…” The Guardian


edit: their myspace page is pretty sparse, though they do have a player with songs from their album on there


edit: their website: http://www.thehighwire.net/



edit, last time: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPfV9_w1iJ8&feature=related]YouTube - The Domino State play What's The Question? at Club Blub[/ame]


The Domino State...which one is Jonny's bro? The one wearing the hat like his?? hee hee

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you do realise how many people will be entering? ..what im trying to say is dont get your hopes up..i heard george lucas is entering :stunned: (it's possible)


hahahahha, I know, but I WANT TO SEE THEM SOOOOO BADLY, I would be the happiest guy in the world If I saw them and there is always that possibility! :D

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