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coldplay .com secrets

Eh Steve!

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eh steve, they'll track you down and hunt you for being a hacker hahahaha but you keep it up hahahha.

My God Yellow Hill how can you have over a thousand posts if you've been here since august??? look at me I have more than a year, I envy your free time haha

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you can still find this stuff hehehe http://www.coldplay.com/discography/parachutes.htm

Thanks for that!

How funny:

Chris Martin

(vocals, guitar, piano): age 23

Chris grew up in Devon where from an early age, he could be found merrily bashing out tunes on the family piano. He graduated to the guitar and has been in bands since he was 15.


Worst image crisis moment: Used to wear braces on his teeth and have hair that looked like a mop!!

There's also a news entry "VOTE FOR COLDPLAY AT Q AWARDS" from almost exactly 7 years ago!

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