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Coldplay Nominated Four Times For AMAs 2008 (UPDATE: COLDPLAY TO PERFORM! NOV 23)


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I am both incredibly excited for this, and very nervous.

a) I don't want them to get snubbed again like they did at the EMAs, that would be awful.

b) Live award show performances never seem to work out for them! Do they have enough singles from VLVODAAHF now that they don't need to do VLV (the song)? Because VLV never seems to go well on these shows :\

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I hope for LIT II would be great, I saw somewhere it may be the next single. So far I cannot find a schedule for the performances or a live internet stream.


I hate that it's being broadcasted live from the west coast for the east coast but 3 hours delayed for the west coast...???

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I don't know why anyone is nervous about them being snubbed because Coldplay will win at least two awards. The only ones they may not win are in the categories where they are up against Alicia Keys, who also had an awesome CD this year, but they might beat her.


The AMA's is not like the Grammy's and other music award shows. The AMA's always have two different performers...one set of performers who want to showcase their new songs and the other set of performerns who are there because they're the winners. Very rarely has there been a performer who performed while being nominated and did not win. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen but it rare. If it does happen it's only for one or two awards for different artists.


I'm confident that they'll win and if they don't, well, I guess I'll just have to eat my own words.

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How do we know they'll win at least two? Weren't we pretty confident about the EMAs? :thinking:


I don't know, I'm just a pessimist. I'll probably watch the performance peeking through my fingers, and the award announcements with my fingers crossed and pleading to god :P

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The reason why I am saying that they'll win at least two is because I do not see them losing to Linkin Park and the Eagles, though both groups are good and I do happen to like. Alicia Keys is the one that could prevent them from getting all four awards.


As I stated before, the AMA's are not like other music award shows. Music fans vote for the winner, not the idiots in the music industry. I'm not saying that fans are smarter than the music execs because that is not true. But, in this case the fans normally do vote for the artists that have sold the most.


I think with the EMA's and other shows, people get too overconfident because they are thinking about the numbers and that the numbers means awards. Unfortunately, in those other shows numbers really mean nothing.


I for one was not confident with the EMA's and I can assure you that I won't be confident when it comes to the Grammy's. However, with all my experience, I am confident with this award show.


BTW....red carpet starts in 25 minutes.

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^^ I second that.. But since they're nominated for VLVODAAHF, I doubt they'll play something from Prospekt's. People want to hear what they've voted for :\


I do not see them losing to Linkin Park and the Eagles


Did you see them losing to Britney Spears?! :uhoh:

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*turns on the red carpet show*


*hopes Chris doesn't embarrass himself* Uh oh, one of the interviewers is part of the Pussycat Dolls, he's going to run his mouth off :rolleyes:


... Maybe someone will ask about the breakup rumors so he can deny them himself?

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