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Favorite Jonny Viva Solo

Eh Steve!

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very hard choice but 42 is awesome! the solo on lost is good also, the one in violet hill is fucking awesome too, cemeteries of london too but it is a bit weaker and of course you forgot to add chineese sleep chant!! but I guess I'm gonna go for 42 since csc is not on the poll

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This is very hard... I love them all! Lost sounds amazing with the vocals behind it. I love the quick, tension-filled bends in Yes (I mean during the song- the solo has slower bends). They are just brilliant for this song about frustration. CSC is funky and cool. Don't forget the stuff in DAAHF he does. It is even better live. It has an echo effect that sounds amazing in the arenas. I think 42 is really strong, but Cemeteries makes me kick my feet and twitch the hardest. :D




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