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7. less fangirls and more hipster fanboys


i dunno which is worse... when i saw them live early this year it was kind of annoying how many hipsters there were. also all my brother's friends/his other high school school mates think they are like the best band ever, so even though I like AC, the hipsterness attached to them can turn me off to the band.


in terms of these questions I say


9. complete experimentation of music... not caring if every single person hates your music. Making an album for the sake of the music, not for a quick cash grab

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not sure if there is a thread for this on this board, and honestly i can't be arsed to search for it at the moment.


so yeah, who here enjoys this type of music? i think that Strawberry Jam changed my life.


hell yeah strawberry jam literally changed my life and the way i look at music. that's why they are the greatest band! i used to be OBSESSED with coldplay, but they put them to shame.

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