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A confession about stuff

Black Rose

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Right, I am a complete and utter failure, at the start of September I said I was going to not go on anymore Charity-shop trips to look for 2nd hand CDs until November.


I was good, I held out, until today when my urge to spent some money overpowered me and I ended up buying quite a few CDS.


I'm a failure :(



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dashboard confessional - the place you have come to fear the most

love - da capo

a queen & paul rogers live cd

explosions in the sky - how strange, innocence (which looked brand new as it still had tape on the top)


Plus some other random singles and stuff


But I failed my challenge :(

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Better cds than drugs. Thats what I always say :P


But yeah, its hard when you set little monetary restraints and can't beat them. I've gone quite a while without buying any cds. Somehow I was able to go to the used shops and not buy any cds my last two trips. Althogh there is a really good deal (buy 2 get 1 free_

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people buy too much stuff in general


its unfortunate the way we're brainwashed into believing the whole stuff=hapiness idea.


I completely agree!! It's what you do that's important, not what you have, and you don't need to spend lots to have fun.

The most money I spend "luxury"-wise is on concert tickets and playing tennis, and they're worth every cent!!:D

Possessions don't really interest me at all.;)

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