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Is Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground a finish like the Escapist?

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This was quite a complex thought for a thread heading, so I apologize if it was lost in translation.


Basically I wondered, based on the clip we got of Life In Technicolor ii, if the song Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground is an ending of sorts akin to the The Escapist.


There was speculation it might be a different mix of Stawberry Swing, but the fact that the lyric is included in LIT2 makes me wonder if it is in fact the symmetrical conclusion of the EP Prospekts March.


Basically VLV is a symmetrical album because its opening and closing song are built from the same formula. I was simply wondering if it would be the same with Prospekts March.

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Isn't the Song Now my feet won't touch the ground a finish/sequel to a B-side song (No more keeping my feet on the ground perhaps)?


Haha.... I never really have listened to the preview so how would I know?


Just a thought (since its a bit related :D)

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and i am coldplayer's proof lol


@Rajan22 yes i thought that it could be related strawberry swing before too...

but after listening to LIT 2 and hearing chris saying "now my feet wont touch the ground" again..... i am more likely to think it will be a reprise such as the escapist is for LIT 1.

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well im happy people understood what i meant.


i guess i think its the most likely option, because I don't see why they would have an alternative version of strawberry swing for any type of release when it wasnt going to be a single (not that I'm happy they didn't make it one).


i do hope its a reprise of LIT2 because the symmetry of both the album and ep would be just incredible. i LOVE coldplay, but that would just increase my respect for their creativity.

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Yeh I'm probably thinking you're right now Lost! (lol I'm talking to a coldplay song) , after I've listened to LIT2 over a 100 times on youtube. Would be nice if it was like Postcards from Far Away and just a delicate little ending. Does anyone think, that it might be actually a full song just like the rest of most of the EP.

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I really doubt any Strawberry Swing mix. Coldplay's website is very clear about Lost+ and Lovers in Japan (Osaka Remix) being remixes of the songs. I think if it were Strawberry Swing they'd do the same thing.


Not necessarily. We have absolutely NO information on the song whatever. And some people will use new titles instead of appending a remix on the end of the title. It could be an acoustic version or remix of Strawberry Swing or LITII, a completely new song, or something strange like an outro, medley/montage-type thing, or something completely random. Who knows? We know absolutely NOTHING about it, which is strange. Maybe it's LITII played backwards haha.





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I would say that, given this is Coldplay we're talking about, so far in the build-up to this EP we've had nothing that's made us scream and shout and knocked us off our seats.


I would put my house on NMFWTTG being the secret weapon they have in reserve. I have no idea what that means but it certainly doesn't make me think it would be an Escapist copy or a SS remix.

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Hot prospekt


IF YOU thought COLDPLAY were just purveyors of precision-tooled, arena-slaying big rock ballads, you ain’t heard nothing yet.

Their new Prospekt’s March EP, which I’m the only journalist on the planet to have heard, is their most wildly eclectic offering to date.


Thumping hip-hop jams, thundering metal workouts, Indian tablas and colliery brass bands all jostle for space on their brilliant, bold and, at times, bonkers eight-tracker.


I revealed back in August how the boys — frontman CHRIS MARTIN, GUY BERRYMAN, WILL CHAMPION and JONNY BUCKLAND — had recorded far more songs than they could fit on their most recent album Viva La Vida.


They have since collected the tracks together and will issue them later this month.


The EP kicks off in relatively conventional territory. Life In Technicolor ii is the opening instrumental from Viva La Vida with lyrics strapped on.


Chris intones ominously about the end of the world, over the familiar, euphoric music.


Glass Of Water, meanwhile, showcases a pulverisingly heavy and never previously heard side of the band.


It reminds me of MUSE at their most epic. Synths scream over thundering drum crashes and molten axe-riffage.


If only Chris still had his unruly mop of curls, they’d be perfect for him to head-bang along to this monster.





He howls about someone “spending their whole life living in the past, going nowhere fast”.


Echoes of BECK’s landmark hip-hop album Odelay are writ large through Rainy Day.


Chris confronts the pressures of life in the public eye while a funky Californian breakbeat and sweeping strings motor the track along.The title track is woozily psychedelic with guitars gently chiming and strings sweeping.


Chris asks: “Don’t you wish your life could be as simple as fish swimming round in a barrel when you’ve got the gun?”



Lost+ and Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun mix) are both just moderately tweaked versions of tracks on Viva La Vida.




But it’s the final track, Now My Feet Won’t Touch The Ground, which is the most audacious thing the lads have ever recorded.


It begins in standard Coldplay ballad territory with delicate guitars and mysterious lyrics.


Chris sings: “Push my bones from the highest cliff to the seas below/Swoop down from the sky and catch me like a bird of prey.”


Then Indian finger drums and a swelling array of trumpets and tubas arrive to take the track off into an extraordinary place.


It’s brilliant. As is this EP.


It’s out on November 24, just five days before the lads hit the UK for their arena tour. Not to be missed.






Just found this review and it makes me incredibly excited for this song.

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