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'Lovers In Japan' and 'LIT2' as singles extracted from the EP?


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According to some rumors coming from Wikipedia and other sources not better specified, Coldplay will promote their latest release, Prospekt's March EP, through the launch of two singles: the first is, of course, Lovers In Japan, a kind of connection between this publication and the album Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends; the second one, with great surprise, should be Life In Technicolor II (also in some way related to the fourth album since enlargement of Life In Technicolor).


Were not given the date of issue at the moment. More details will follow.



Source: Coldplayzone.it

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I know but i'm not pretty sure of that release at this point...


ha!, How many singles are they gonna release?


Violet Hill

Viva La Vida


Lovers In Japan

Life In Technicolor ii

Glass of Water....


;), and I want them to release Rainy Day and Strawberry Swing as summerry singles :D

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Yeah, but probably it will be released as a single, 'cause there's an edit version in the tracklist...


The collector in me is wondering when this edit will be put in multimedia.


EDIT: OH. The irony of this situation just hit me.


Viva La Vida: "Oh, no, we'll use the instrumental, the vocals one is the obvious single choice. Let's not do that."


Prospekt's March: "Oh, hey guys, I've got a brilliant idea..."

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Why don't they put B-sides? :confused: I mean, famous old painters etc...


Many presume that No more keeping my Feet on the ground is Famous Old Painters possibly with different lyrics. but remember that since the songs on this E.P. weren't finished until after the album's release, whose to say they even have a finished version of famous old painters or the other b-sides? I have a feeling that we're all asking for songs that don't really exist. It could be a one-minute instrumental for all we know like poppy fields. Or maybe it's crap, in which case people would've preferred them never to release it.

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If you look carefully at the sticker on both VLV and the EP, you can get the complete list of singles...

Lets see:


Viva La Vida. Including:

Viva la Vida, Violet Hill, Lovers in Japan and Lost!


all of them are singles.


Prospekt March EP. Including:

Glass of Water, Lost+, Life in Technicolour ii.





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This is the tracklist of Life In Technicolor single:


Life In Technicolor ii (edit)

Life In Technicolor ii (EP version)

Life In Technicolor (instrumental)


Source: http://www.emimusic.co.uk/capitolinternational/index.html?artist=1


That doesn't make much sense, make from an EP, another EP, with songs that we already have?


Is pretty much like the Lost EP, the only song you get in there is the live version.

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