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Sky Sports News on Sky?

Petit Prince

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This isn't meant to be a dumb question but it will probably sound it - are you sure you're looking at the right channel?


It's 405 on my telly - is it that you get a blank screen.. or does 405 not exist?


It just tells me that I can't get the channel because I don't have the right package. I definitely don't it, I've checked all the sports channel.


definately something wrong - I have the full sports package and can also get SSN. In fact I used to be able to get it also with a basic freeview box


I used to get it on freeview but for some weird reason it doesn't work on sky. I think I need to give them another ring.


I can get it on my bedroom TV which has Freeview.


And you say you can get the other Sky Sports channels, which is odd, because I think you can't get SSN on sky without having their sports package


True. They need to sort that out then. Weird thing is they said it was part of the news package and not the sports one and told me to get that one as well. Just doesn't make sense to me.

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News package?


I've never heard of that. I can't believe they get many subscribers to that one. I mean, I watch the news, but I wouldn't pay for Sky's version.


Did you try looking at the website - maybe there's a list of what you are and aren't entitled to. Though the idea that paying for the sports package doesn't get you sports news is just crazy

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Ask them what other channels they're not giving you that you're entitled to!


Get a Freeview box too and you'll have it.


I'll give that another try. It's the third time I ring them about SSN my housemate rang them twice for the same reason.:lol:


Isn't that like £50? We might be better off paying for that news package then.

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