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Coldplay on Radio 1


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Yeah I've just seen it, but thanks anyway :nice:


I think I'm gonna buy (if I manage to) the ticket and then sell it if I can't go, but I don't want to lose this chance since tickets will finish in a second..even tough I have a feeling they will double at least Wembely :)

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wembleythmb.jpgUK stadium tour announced

November 24, 2008 8:25 am

Big shows in September 2009



Good morning. Chris just called up BBC Radio 1 to announce that Coldplay are playing a string of stadium shows in September 2009. The dates are as follows:


Saturday 12th September - Manchester LCCC

Wednesday 16th September - Glasgow Hampden Park

Saturday 19th September - London Wembley Stadium


"It's like a dream come true," said Chris about the dates on the radio just now.


Tickets for all three shows go on sale at 9.30am on Friday 28th November. They will be available online from www.gigsandtours.com, www.ticketmaster.co.uk and www.ticketline.co.uk. Or, if you'd prefer to buy over the phone, the numbers are: Manchester - 0161 832 1111, Glasgow - 08444 999990 and London - 020 7734 8932.



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Radio One are going to be there in September. Yay :dance:






Radio 1 Presents... Coldplay.


Coldplay have announced their biggest ever UK headline shows and Radio 1 will be there, exclusively bringing you live music, interviews and more from the tour.




Also interview is here:




Start listening at about 1 hr 52 :D


:lol: He's always drunk these days :laugh4:

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at first, i had a dance party because...




but then i saw they go onsale THIS FRIDAY. that's way too soon for me to be blowing lots of cash in a currency whose exchange rate with my own is RIDICULOUS :sad:


well, maybe i could scalp some this summer or get them by auction somehow before the date.

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oh yes, i do :D. but i would never take advantage of that. especially because the whole thing could fall through and then i would owe lots of money (literally a huge sum in american dollars) to someone for nothing :sad:. besides, that ticket sale date is SOOOO SOOOON! :stunned:. i mean, really, the concert dates are pretty much a YEAR away. i'm shocked that they go onsale this friday.

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I know, it's a pain. So soon before Christmas. They're going to sell out within a day, so why put them on sale now? Sigh. :( Stupid record company.


Definitely don't buy them from there though, I agree, when I went to Florida I lost sooo much money from converting it.

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you LOST money? really? i would think you'd GAIN money, since the exchange rate is in your favor. but hell, it's too early for me to work it out mathematically :P


anyway, i will be there SOMEHOW, even if i have to ebay the tickets. i'll probably blow my entire year's worth of money too, but hell, i'll just work extra long hours this summer. i WILL see coldplay in england, dammit. i don't even care what venue--to americans, anywhere in england is closeby! i've travelled up to 5 hours to see coldplay before, so really, anywhere in the UK is FINE by me :P

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Well I lost it in comparison to what you usually get, if that makes sense. Like £200 would usually be not much under $400, but at the minute it will get you just $280. Either way, it's not worth the risk.


You'll be able to get them, Coldplay never sell out their gigs, they always hold some back for OXFAM (you could try and volunteer maybe :D) and for upgrades and auctions and competitions. :idea2: :nice:

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tee hee, thanks mich. i WILL be there somehow, in ONE of those venues, even if it's scotland. that distance is nothing to me--in an hour i'm going to hop in the car and drive 6 hours to get home, piece of cake :P


anyway, i'm still :dance:ing about this, because i know it will work out somehow. i've always wanted to see coldplay in england, london specifically :nice:

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