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Official Christmas Thread

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today I went to this store (home depot kind) and there was a dancing santa (not a real man of course) ... I wanted to buy it but it was so expensive.. there he was shaking his ass and singing christmas songs.. it was so cool :lol:

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Ahh Christmas. Well. I almost got knocked int the head by Christmas cards falling off a top shelf in the store today.


That's what I get for getting them on sale I suppose.


My family doesn't do any gift exchanges, we just hang out together. Same with my friends.


This year all of us, well my friends, are having an Ornament decorating party. I wonder who will be on my Ornament?

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i get do do my tree tomorrow :D


it's early, but i go back to uni on sunday, and if i don't do it tomorrow, it won't get done because everyone else hates doing it, and it'll be too late by the time i get back.


i really love tree-decorating, though :heart:


i also bought two british christmas crackers from the british store today. i've never done them before, but i just had to buy them when i saw them. i have to brush up on these britishy things for next year :P

but now i'm itching to crack them. i really, really want to, but alas...i must wait.

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