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Hey guys!


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I just thought I'd introduce meself.....I'm a crazy girl called Shez who is crazy about Coldplay and going to her first gig in December. Am excited. Was lucky enough to get a ticket last minute, so I doubt I'd have a good view.....BUT I am going and cannot wait. :laugh3: Am going alone, tickets were going fast so no one else got a chance.


I've loved the band for a long time, but I don't go mad and follow every move and buy every magazine....as much as I'd love to. I love the music. My favourite album is actually the new one, and as part of my xmas/bday pressie to myself I am gonna invest in the new re-release of Viva. My fave song? I simpy cannot choose. Lost! is top right now, but it changes every week :D I was just watching One Tree Hill and Violet Hill played...I love that song aswell. Well, looking forward to getting to know you all and maybe linking up on the 16th?

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