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AROBTTH is Ben Jones's Classic Album tonight on Absolute Radio 11pm (GMT) - Full play


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strawberry fanta?? :o


here we just have lemon fanta I think :P


and the regular one of course


Lemon fanta???? :thinking:


We don't have that here.... only strawberry and orange :smug:

















soooooo........ when's AROBTTH playing??? :P

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random comment that's probably better placed in another thread...but anybody else ever notice how pretty much all of the piano songs off of AROBTTH are written in the same flat key? Not sure which one exactly, but E flat and B flat are constantly recurring. like in the bridge of politik, 2nd chord in the scientist, first chord in Clocks, main two chords in Amsterdam (which are also the same chords as life is for living), and I think Daylight is also in a similar key.

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