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New fan from Uruguay and invitation !


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I´ve been for a while a frequent user of this forum ,so i decided to introduce myself :rolleyes:

My name is Juan Manuel ( Juan = Jhon )

Im from Uruguay in South America :) which is between two giants :Argentina and Brasil

Uruguay is mostly known (as you can see we are a small country haha) because its Football achievements (soccer) as being a two times Fifa World cup winner and two times olimpic winner..





Im obviusly a Coldplay fan..too adicted to their music.:dozey:

Ive made in their honour a new youtube channel called:

" Coldplayvideo " ..which is quite interesting , with a wide selection of Coldplays live performances...so if you wanna visit it no problem..just click on my signature or here :





thats all..thaks all for such a good forum ..

Coldplay the best band ever..!


(sorry for my english,my mother language is spanish ..) bye!



if i did something wrong..just let me know..

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Vi que esta lleno de latinos en la web,los post de argentina y mexico (los 1eros que entre cuando vi el foro este) estan cargados de comentarios..

impecable eso..uruguayos debe haber dispersos por ahi pero se juntan con los mexicanos argentinos,etc jaja como yo hice..



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Hola Juán Manuel! :D Soy de Argentina, así que somos vecinos :wink3: Veo que estás muy orgulloso de los logros deportivos de tu país, pero que no se te olvide que en fútbol mandamos nosotros :lol:

Era broma! :laugh3:

Uruguay es un lugar muy bello, especialmente Punta del Este ;)

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But a dream:

the question if i play football?

- haha no! i play just with friends,prefer plastation football or wathcing it haha:rolleyes:



las vitrinas no dicen q ustedes mandan, 2 mundiales los 2 paises,14 copas america los 2 esto significa un empate!

igual se que su futbol es mejor pero para ser 15 veces mas chicos que ustedes estamos sobrados jaja! :D



Thanks people!

Gracias gente!

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Hola Juan!:cowboy: Always good to hear from Uruguay! Pampas grasslands are there (Y/N)?? :cool:



Yes of course..




Allow cows:


to produce:



but that doesnt mean we havent got things like this :



we arent made of pampas grasslands:laugh3:



thanks for your welcome

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