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A thread for Pris!!


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This thread is for someone really really AWESOME, friendly, and a Berrygirl.:D


She's been a member since september, and today she reached 3000 posts congrats Pris!!!:hug:


Pris esta thread es para ti por ser tan buena persona, amigable y por sacarme de apuros casi todos los dias:lol:


And here we have 2 GREAT pics of Pris:






Enjoy your thread Pris!!!;)

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Oh, dear...........


You actually did it Carla!!! :nice:


Thankies everyone :blush:





And i can't believe that by the first page the thread was already turning pervy....... :dozey:







and it wasn't my fault!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

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Yay Pris!!! We love you! :D




I love you guys too!!!!!!!! :bigcry:




well it was a bit of your fault since Ren called u sexy!!


Glad you like it!!! :nice:


Of course i like it!!!!!! :D


Even better that is a tad pervy :wink3:


Nos encantas!! :D


Don't laugh at me if I got that wrong.... :uhoh:

It's been a year since I've taken a Spanish class! :bigcry:


Perfect spanish!!!!!!! :D




prisprissspriss.. que linda priss ♥


felicidades! te lo mereces por sen tan maravillosa i linda.




i buena gente tbn!


Eres un amor :kiss:

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