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Hello Everyone from a newbie with a question..


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A bit about me 1st of all. Massive Coldplay fan. Only seen them Live 3 times, twice in 2005 at Bolton and Newcastle and more recently in Sheffield December 08.


Love the band, the music and especially the live act. Already have my tickets booked for Wembley 2009 for me and my eldest daughter who is also a masive fan.


I go to loads of gigs, maybe 25 or so this year. I have to say my top 3 gigs this year are The Hives who we watched at rock city, Nottingham, Coldplay and KOL both at Sheffield arena. All three on a par for me.


My favourite performer though is Prince. Since 87 I have watched prince live in the region of 40 times. I took in 5 gigs at the O2 in London 2007 during his 21 night residency there. 3 main shows and 2 aftershows as well..


My question is this.. Every time Coldplay are mentioned over at Housequake (prince forum similar to Coldplaying) it turns into a mass rant about how crap Coldplay are. I always fight the corner but there are very few Prince fans over at Housequake who like or even tolerate Coldplay so I was interested to know how well Prince would go down at the Coldplay forum..


I'm looking forward to the responses and am very interested how this thread will go down..


Best wishes to all of you..



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Well heck, I used to listen to Prince all the time when I was 18!! Prince has some of the most beautiful, interesting music ever performed in his repertoire, and I would have to say there is a resemblance of musical styles between the two bands/artists. I think that your interest in both is great!! Perhaps the love of experimental, interesting styles of music is where you're at?

Anyhow, welcome to the board, Mark!!:sunny::artist:

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Pardon my ignorance - non-butter butter ad??:rolleyes:



There's this guy in England who does an absolutely amazing impression of Ozzy Osborne. Seriously, you can't tell them apart... so they made an advert together for this spread that's not butter but tastes like butter

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