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NME Article:Chris M's Tabloid Torture. Man on the Brink?


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Kinda intersting article in this weeks NME:


Is Fame Too Much for Chris Martin? Coldplay Frontman is Showing the Strain




Here Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow shields herself from the cameras as Chris Martin looks up with the face of a hunted man.


This photograph, taken in Australia last week, graphically demonstrates the pressure Chris is suffering living in the media spotlight, and as it begins to take its toll on the Coldplay star friends close to Chris are becoming concerned.


Chris finally lost his temper with an Australian photographer last week and is alleged to have attacked his car, but the incident just resulted in raising his profile further and more photographers chasing him. His relationship with Paltrow and the accelerating, worldwide success of Coldplay has made him a top target for paparazzi everywhere he goes. Is there anywhere left for Chris to hide from the cameras?


Click! Chris and Gwyneth together is worth £100,000 (mimixx note: FOOKING HELL 100 GRAND????!!!!!!!! :o )


The paparazzi obsession with Chris and Gwyneth is driven by simple economics – a photo of the pair in an intimate surrounding is worth at least £100,000.


That is the staggering sum newspapers and magazines are prepared to pay for a picture of them relaxing on a beach or having an argument in public.


A source at a major photographic agency told NME that there are many reasons for the inflated price


“They are an unlikely pairing, the Hollywood actress and the quickly rising English rock singer” the source said (mimixx note: not that unusual really; Renee Z and Jack W, Kate H and Chris, Liz Tyler and Royston, Drew B and Fabrizo M…)


“Everyone is interested in the on/off nature of their relationship. A picture of them on a beach, just relaxing and being like an intimate, young couple would be worth six figures. But a picture of them having a massive argument would also get the same”


There is also a sliding scale of prices for other photos. “A semi-intimate picture of perhaps them kissing at dinner could fetch £20,000, while a picture of them walking down the street together is worth about £2500.”


It appears that by attempting to keep some things in their lives private, Chris and Gwynnie are pushing up the value of photos of them together and dangling a carrot for the growing number of photographers hunting them.


But friends of Chris say that very concept is alien to him. “Chris can’t understand why people are always trying to take his picture,” one told NME. “He knows a lot of people are interested in Coldplay, but he can’t understand the fascination with him.”


Where Will It End?


Unfortunately, the omens are not good. If the reported plans for an autumn wedding prove true, the paparazzi interest in the couple is only going to intensify.


They are due to marry in Steven Spielberg’s home in the Hamptons before the end of the year, with Spielberg due to give his god-daughter away. The clamour for pictures of that union will make the £100,000 currently on offer look like loose change.


However, if the pressure of life on the wrong end of the lens puts paid to their relationship, attention on Martin is unlikely to ease. The soaraway success of Coldplay means that he is close to genuine superstardom.


He might have thought he could get a rest from the cameras in Australia, but the alleged incident with a photographer demonstrates his growing global appeal.


Coldplay could be set to make the kind of impact in America that U2 did in the 80’s and if that happens, then he won’t need an Oscar-winning actress on his arm to have the paparazzi chasing him.


What are Chris’s options? He could try and embrace all the attention as Liam and Noel did at the height of Oasis’ fame (mimixx note: LORD I HOPE NOT!) but this would go against his character.


Alternatively he could bow out of the spotlight altogether (NOOO!!!!) and live off the substantial personal fortune generated from 11 million album sales. But considering how much he enjoys performing live, this is again unlikely.


Another alternative is to follow Robbie Williams’ example and hide himself in a fortified mansion in the Hollywood hills. After more than a year on the road playing well over 200 shows, from September Chris is going to take the rest of the year off.


Everything’s Not Lost


Despite his Australian troubles, Chris Martin is still finding time to keep promises to fans.


On the New Zealand leg of their tour radio presenter and Coldplay fan Phoebe Spiers announced that if she got a song dedicated to her from the stage, she’d get a Coldplay tattoo.


“I’m not sure if I want someone with a Coldplay tattoo, ‘cos if we release a shit record or I get put in prison or something, then they’ll be embarrassed,” Chris joked.


However, at the gig Chris dedicated ‘Everything’s Not Lost’ to her. “I always knew Chris would be a man of his word, he’d dedicate it to me,” she said. “But goddamn me and my big mouth!”


The next day Phoebe proudly got ‘Everything’s Not Lost’ tattooed in a ribbon on her upper arm.

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Yeah, really interesting, thanks por posting, mimi...

And I'm still in shock about all the money involved in this magazines business...

100,000 pounds!!!!!???? :o :o :o :o :o

There are a lot of people in poor countries who need this money to live... Pleeeeease, this world is totally mad :(

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Thats just madness! - But at the end of the day there are only so many

pictures of the pair that the press can take.


Hopefully the need for pics of the two will slow down

so they can get on with their lives.


A coldplay tattoo huh!? ...very cool. :)

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i woz reading the artical in nme this morning and i looked at that picture of both of them.......and my face just sank,and i woz finking wot the fucks gonna happen 2 Chris....in that pic he doesn`t look 2 gud.He looks so fed up.

:D -im posting a big smile just for Chris

luff Kirsten

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yeah I read this article Chris is going to have to deal with it because as long as his band gets more famous and as long as he's dating Gwyneth Paltrow people are going to want your picture. I think it's awful when they are invasive like that but the truth is there is nothing he can really do. I just hope this isn't jeopardizing their relationship. That's why Luke Wilson says he broke up with Gwynnie because the papparazzi hound her like a pack of raveonous wolves!!!

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Yeah, poor Chris aswell... But, from she started dating Brad Pitt, her life is full of these damn journalists!!

I hate when that stupid press makes talented people's life a misery... They don't deserve it!!! :cry:

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