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Will 2009 be the year that sees physical singles die?

Black Rose

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Yes I know physical singles have been dying a slow death over the past couple years, so much now that there is hardly anywhere on the high street where you can buy new cd singles (some places do Vinyls).


Now the only place to buy CD singles is from online, but now with strong rumours that HMV.co.uk will be bringing in a free postage limit of £5 (so any orders under £5 you will have to pay for postage) to save on money, will harm CD singles.


So will 2009 be the year that the CD single finally dies?

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They were killed off completely in North America in the mid-90s, and no one even realized.


Of course it's also what made illegal downloading worse to begin with- after that point pop records had increasing amounts of filler and we had to buy the whole thing to get that one song, which led to revolt. But hardly anyone even remembered there used to be a different option.


At least if they do die, there's always online now. And I predict EPs will become much bigger as bands look for a new outlet for non-album songs.

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I used to be a big, big singles fanatic: collecting singles from my favourite bands.


I still buy singles, but only online (recordstore.co.uk mostly). Most shops aren't even selling singles anymore.

Too bad artists are kinda giving up on singles themselves. Singles are often released as 7" or digital downloads only, which is a shame.


Coldplay, R.E.M., Radiohead and Travis included.

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i personally think people only buy cd singles of one or two favourite bands. you know, when you're a die hard fan.


so the sales are falling down, i would say albums will be still around as the digital form has lower sound quality. and what i noticed is some people i know actually prefer to buy a vinyl single with bonuses that cd singles. :)

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