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Hello, Im Here

Technicolor Liver

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Hi I'm just recently joined today.

I am new to listening to Coldplay (I started when I bought Viva La Vida) and I love listening to Coldplay.

After I heard the album, I just had to get the other albums.

So now I have all the albums and Prospekts March.

I also like learning Coldplay songs on piano and guitar.


Here are my favorite songs:

Parachutes: Sparks

Rush Of Blood To The Head: Clocks

X&Y: White Shadows

Viva La Vida: Strawberry Swing

Prospekt's March: Life In Technicolor II


I can't wait to meet all of you and...


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A Warm Welcome to you, Technicolor Liver!!!!:sunny:

I can see from your selections that you have excellent musical tastes! Sparks, Clocks, White Shadow, Strawberry Swing, and Life in Technicolor II - all great selections!:cool:

Enjoy the Zaniness, the Magical Musical Tour, and Everything Else Ian's Universe has to offer here!!;)

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