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how are you celebrating new years?


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Everything is possible. :p We might end up in a gay club or find someone who'll drive us to Bosnia or France or just go to the capital .... :laugh4:


Well at least if you end up in a gay club you're sure to hear lots of Coldplay tunes, so that would be great!!:P

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I'm probably just staying in with family :D


and then after midnight we're going to go about the house going


"I'm the first to use the door in 2009!"


"I'm the first to sit on the toilet!"


"I'm the first to change channel or summit!"


All of that stuff! :D


Wow! You really know how to live it up north of the border, don't you?:P

Will you be doing all this to the accompaniment of bagpipe music??:rolleyes:

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