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Coldplaying Committee Poll Recount


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i was going to stay silent on the whole matter because it's been a bit explosive, but honestly, i never saw the point of this at all. i thought the whole point of the board was for everyone to talk and share ideas and get them rolling, rather than filtering them through some committee first. i feel like the mods are the only "committee" that anything would ever need to pass through, and i think that good ideas and successful projects happen spontaneously and evolve over time rather than being forced out and heavily sculpted by some committee determined to spice things up when they're fine as they are. the committee, while not intetionally harmful, seems elitist and unnecessary. and since it seems to have been in the drastic minority in the past weeks without anything getting done, i don't really get why it's been forced onwards anyway.

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people say "what's the harm in it?" and there isn't any harm, really, except perhaps some people getting a bigger sense of entitlement than they deserve. so there's no harm, but if there's not much help, either, then what's the point? the committee was given a chance in the first two weeks, which is what all the yea-sayers were clamoring for, and as far as i can tell, pretty much nothing got done. if nothing gets done in the time that the committee is trying hard to prove itself, then i doubt anything will get done when the excitement about it has worn off.


i should really stop sounding so adamant about things that don't really matter to me one way or the other :lol:

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