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Coldplay WIN the echo 2009 (german music prize)


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Echo 2009 (Sat 21th Feb)

Pop und Pocher

Barbara Schöneberger und Oliver Pocher moderieren die Echo-Gala 2009. Nominiert sind Rock- und Popgrößen wie Amy Winehouse und Udo Lindenberg.


Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Paul Potts, Udo Lindenberg, Herbert Grönemeyer und Annett Louisan gehen bei der Echo-Verleihung am 21. Februar in Berlin ins Rennen um einen der Musikpreise. Unter den bislang feststehenden Nominierten sind auch Jack Johnson, Lenny Kravitz, Duffy, Madonna, Thomas Godoj und Rosenstolz, wie Echo-Produzent Gerd Gebhardt am Donnerstag in Berlin ankündigte. Bei der Gala in der O2-Arena treten Katy Perry, Amy MacDonald und Lindenberg live auf.


Coldplay are nominated for this category:


Gruppe International Rock/Pop:


Maroon 5

One Republic

Pussycat Dolls

Yael Naim & David Donatien


on the german radio station "einslive" they also talked about it today and said it's not totally confirmed which acts are going to perfom next to those: Katy Perry, Amy MacDonald, Udo Lindenberg so we can speculate about a possible perfomance of Coldplay !! ;)

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Here's another link:




Stars wie Udo Lindenberg, Katy Perry und Amy MacDonald werden in der Arena O2 World auftreten, kündigte Produzent Gerd Gebhardt am Donnerstag an. Er versprach für die Show weitere "große Namen", die Gespräche liefen noch.


The stuff I wrote in bold letter simply says that the producer of the show in Berlin promised other big artists to perform but that everything was still in talks.


So maybe chance for a CP performance?!??!

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So maybe chance for a CP performance?!??!


It doesn't look good for Coldplay as it seems that U2 will become the "big name" Gerd Gebhardt was talking about.


"U2" beim Echo?

"U2" als Highlight beim Echo? Klingt unglaublich, könnte aber stimmen.


Ein Insider soll jetzt verraten haben, dass Bono und Co. die Stargäste der diesjährigen Echo-Verleihung sein werden. Die Band wolle die neue Single "Get On Your Boots" vorstellen, so die Quelle weiter. Bestätigt wurden die Gerüchte bislang aber nicht. Die Verleihung geht am 21. Februar in Berlin über die Bühne. Sicher ist dagegen schon, dass Katy Perry und Amy MacDonald auftreten werden. Nominiert sind zum Beispiel Thomas Godoj, Herbert Grönemeyer, LaFee, Sarah Connor, Kid Rock, Madonna, Amy Winehouse, "Ich + Ich" und "Coldplay".




By the way, this year the ARD is going to broadcast this event instead of RTL. ;)

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Unfortunately both Nicole and myself haven't seen anything on TV.


It was live on national TV but both of us seemed to have missed the airing of this category.


Maybe they just didn't fit it into the show as CP were not there ...?! :(


I asked the Oracle whether they would be in Berlin tonight but my question wasn't chosen :(


Ah well ... as long as they did get a prize it's not important whether they've been there or not.


They are probably already on the way to Australia to have some time to adjust to the climate and different time zone there!?

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so when did they win the prize exactly?

I watched the entire show just because I was hoping for a possible videomessage of them but I haven't seen the whole category they were nominated for...

it can't be true they won exactly in those minutes when I left the tv :bomb:




ah ok I just read I wasn't the only one who missed them..

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