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[Airing:4th] 30-Jan-09: Chris Martin at Absolute Radio - WEBCAST - 1pm (GMT)


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Min:nice: hiiii!!!

and there was audio before...not getting any now, but they're just moving around stuff:confused:

Noelia :hug:


I haven't turned on the audio yet... I find it very hilarious that they are actually showing us what they are doing in the studio before the programme starts :lol:

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oh they're outside?! live-updates via over-seas text? while we watch live, online, and some else records?!!? wow. i'm not a techie but i :heart: technology today!

earlier they had this lady singing...Florence&theMachine...and then they showed the "audience" for a bit, I was staring at my monitor "Are they there? Is that Ian, or Jen, can't.see.anything!":lol:


edit: huh? what song??? are you getting audio from absolute??? i don't hear anything!!!!<freaking out>

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