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first Coldplay's song that you listened...


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My best friend's band played it at our 8th grade talent show. That was the day my life really began.


You changed your name eh? Is it by any chance inspired by the new Franz record? I wouldn't think so, but random guess.



Anyways, Yellow for me too.

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either yellow or shiver...it was so long ago i cant remember. but those were the first two songs to come out i think? or be played on the radio or whatever. but that was before i knew who coldplay was. i never knew those were their songs until i got parachutes many many years later. infact, i had never even heard of coldplay for the longest time....:thinking:

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think it was in my place ... i admit that i heard it off now 11 and hated it cause of the album cover i thought ew thats weird... who knew that would be my favorite band later down the road (i was young !!!! like 10 or 11)


the first song i downloaded by them was speed of sound and i liked it , oh and i remember clocks.

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