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I made this thread for all the people who are conscious of the danger of destroying our beloved earth.

We only have one planet, a beautiful one and full of life, which gives us everything we have. So it's good to take some measure to protect our environment.

What are you doing to take care of your world? of your life?

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Well, let's see; I use 1/4 the electricity of the average American (high efficiency lights, outdoor lights only when needed, a newer refrigerator (which is much better, but I'd rather have one that uses 1/2 that amount of juice). I have insulated the house I live in extensively, and sealed up a great many air gaps - a heat exchanger and newer, tight-fitting doors will be the next step.

One thing to keep in mind with automobiles: they require about as much energy to manufacture as they use in their expected lifetimes. And a look at vehicle weight is important, as an indicator of energy used to manufacture. Lighter, more stream-lined vehicles are the way to go; even larger vehicles need a complete reshaping to achieve the efficiencies we need to achieve to curb our energy consumption significantly. Think tear-drop or box-fish shape; lower cross-sectional area, and gradual curves in general, both fore and aft. Even an older vehicle which is reasonably light and has a low cross-sectional area can get great mileage, if driven gently and below a high rate of speed. If I can get 36 miles per gallon with a 1984 Cavalier, then anyone should be able to get 40 or better, even if they drive a new sportier model.

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Food for thought: Our auto engines today are around 25% efficient. Carnot efficiency (the maximum theoretical efficiency of an engine) suggests the best we can do with internal combustion engines is around 87% efficiency. The gap is there for several reason. First, engine efficiency improves the hotter an engine operates. Present designs use water cooling to save components made of conventional materials (cast iron or aluminum), but newer designs of heat resistant materials could boost mileage by allowing the engine to run hotter. Second, the pressure of the combustion gasses is not fully utilized before exhausting, and better designs could put this lost energy to work. Third, if the heat within the cylinder is reflected back into the cylinder more effectively, then the gasses could do more work on the piston when they expand.

More to the point of fuel and ecology, we would all be better off relying on carbon-neutral energy sources. Solar power coupled with newer battery technologies is becoming once again a viable option for automotive energy supplies. Using lithium, carbon nanotube, or other green battery technologies, we may soon be able to power our vehicles without petrol. The option is already there for those with the setups, and will quickly be made more available to the general buying public.

But even more rational is looking at reasons for driving in the first place. Planning that include close proximity for stores and community places can negate the need for much of our driving, and high efficiency in lighting design and placement is an easy solution to the needs of lights but not lighting up the planet.

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I do what I can.


We recycle cans and bottles at work, as well as paper, so that is an easy thing.


I try to buy things used if I can. I see no need for brand new furniture if I can find the same item used.


I bring canvas bags to the grocery store whenever I can.


I clean with Vinegar and baking soda as a general rule. It works well.


So just little things.

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We should all really be taking better care of the earth. Do we have to wait until people start dying and we have nothing left before we act?



i agree 100%.


we should stop killing animals, destroying their environment,


personally i think this world would be a much better place if the human race didn't exist. :dozey:.

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