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Holy cow!!


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Pictured: The cow that was zapped by lightening - and survived


By Cher Thornhill

Last updated at 2:12 PM on 05th February 2009




It has certainly been flame grilled but this extraordinary cow is still standing.

The poor creature was struck by lightening and left with blistering burns. You would expect it to have been cooked alive.


But the cow miraculously survived, apparently unperturbed by the ordeal, and is already back roaming the meadows.


article-0-034E670F000005DC-687_468x321.jpg Flame grilled: This poor cow was struck by lightning but, in a rare freak of nature, lives to the tell the tale


Professor of Physical Geography, Jon Nott of James Cook University, said the event was rare but entirely feasible.

He said: 'Cows are susceptible to lightning strikes because both sets of legs are on the ground.

'But, more often than not, they die from it.'

He added: 'The electricity from a lightning strike would enter the front set of legs and exit out the back legs so, based on the picture, it is possible it happened.

'While I can't explain the knee wounds, the ankle wounds would be consistent with those of lightning.'

The cow is believed to have been struck by the bolt in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia, last month.

But if it wasn't for its horrific wounds, you could hardly tell the animal had suffered.


Perhaps it has drawn comfort from the old wive's tale. After all, we are all told that lightning never strikes in the same place twice.

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Ouch! Looks a bit tender yet..:cry:

And it appears that the lightning grounded to just the one side (as the burns show) hence did not stop the poor cow's heart. Looks like it will heal in time - and a healthy young animal, so it'll keep getting better...:)


...................................until it's ready to be sent off to the slaughterhouse??:rolleyes:

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He said pretty baby won't you marry me? She said you'd look $hit upon my family tree. That's when he realised he had to start..?


The Daily Mail UK? Hmm, as Oasis would sing: The Shock Of Lightning indeed. BTW Mc_Squared, can I kindly suggest I believe that Sacred Cow has been photoshopped & rigged till the cows/satellites/paparazzi come home? No disrespect now aye...

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