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Coldplay Pop Art

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Ok so I'm doing art this year at school and our first unit is Pop Art coupled with lino printing. The criteria is to create a "Reduction Lino Print" featuring one popular, well known celebrity and one mass-produced, well known item. So naturally I decided to pick Chris martin for my celebrity. The artwork also has to contain text of the celebrity saying something. The colours that the print is to include are limited to white, yellow, red, blue and black. The reason I'm telling you all this is that I though some people around here would be able to help.


Firstly I need a decent quality picture of chris martin with of his head or from shoulders up. If anyone has any good pictures they would be greatly apprieciated.

Seconded, seeing as no one in the class are allowed to do the same celebrity or item I reserve the lightbulb but I am able to change. However if anyone has any other ideas for an item that I could include in print would be great. Its got to be like the person using it of holding it. Something along those lines.

Thirdly I need ideas for something chris can be saying in the picture. A coldplay song line would be great but it need to tie in with the item. Other phrases of his are also would be good or a cool line that fits would be awesome.


Remember that its Pop art so its going to be cartoon style without huge detail. Any contribution would be wonderful. I will update this post as things progress. I will be sure to post my final print. If there is anything I missed just let me know and I will explain.

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I like the light bulb idea, and what about "and it was all yellow", seeing as though yellow is one of the colours you must include:)


Well the simplest thing I could do is chris' head with a lightbulb above his head meaning he is having an idea and he say "It was all yellow..."


But I need a good picture of just chris' head

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