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something I've wanted to ask


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I read both of the Coldplay books but I never saw the answer to this?


When the band got together,how did they decide who would be the singer.? Also, did the other guys want to sing?Did Chris have any experience singing before the band formed..Just curious

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Did Chris have any experience singing before the band formed


In the Rolling Stone article from the spring, doesn't Chris say that he first started singing in public at school, and some girls laughed at him? Here, I'll write out the quote for you:


When did you start singing?

The first time I ever sang in public was in a school concert when I was 11. I sang a song I had written about newspapers. Some people really dug it. And others didn't. I remember these two girls came up to me afterward and said "we heard you singing", and then they both giggled and ran off, as if to say, "it was shit". And my whole life has been that day repeating ever since.


Then why did you continue?

I forgot about singing for a while, then some friends wanted to play "Sweet Child o' Mine" in a concert as school. I said "wow, let me sing it." At the end this guy Tom said to me, "Chris, could you sing it a little less like Tina Turner?" And I was like, "I wasn't! I was trying to sound like Axl Rose!"



So there you have it :P Oh, and then he talks about being in "a bunch of bands". So yes, he had singing experience.

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I think Chris always went to college with the idea of forming a band and him being the frontman.



Most frontmen are so because they have the ambition to lead a band and be in the spotlight.

Chris moved to London to start band.

Jonny doesn't even tell people he plays guitar.

Even a blind man can see where this is going. :laugh3:

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The music teacher who taught Coldplay guitarist Jonny said she always knew he would be successful.


He was a student at Mold Alun High school in Flintshire between the ages of 11 and 18 and Jonny was marked out for big things, according to Margaret Parr.


She said: "I had immense pleasure teaching him. He was always extremely interested in music and had immense talent for the guitar. When he studied A-level music his strength was in his composition and I always felt that he would do well."


Ms Parr, who retired from the secondary school in 2002, added that Jonny was well known to fellow pupils.


"There was great interest in the school when Coldplay started to become successful and I'm sure he will be an inspiration to the music students who are there now."


Jonny, whose family moved to Pantymwyn, Mold, when he was four, started playing guitar as a young boy, inspired firstly by the Stone Roses.


He met fellow Coldplay members at university. In fact, they came together during their first week at University College London in the mid-90s.


^that last sentence is not quite accurate - Jonny met Chris in the first week, Guy and Will joined later in that (school) year. From the wiki...


The members of the band met at Ramsay Hall, a residence hall at University College London in September 1996. Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland were the first members of the band, having met one another during their orientation week. They spent the rest of the year planning a band, with their efforts culminating in an *NSYNC-inspired boy band called Pectoralz. Eventually Guy Berryman, a classmate of the two, joined the ranks without consideration of what musical direction the band was taking.


By 1997, Coldplay were performing small club gigs for local Camden promoters. By that time, the band had renounced their earlier boy-band flavoured aspirations, and changed their name to Starfish. Martin also had recruited his erstwhile school friend Phil Harvey, who was studying classics at Oxford, to act as band manager. Harvey managed the band until the release of their second album, A Rush of Blood to the Head.

Flyer for an early 1998 gig


Flyer for an early 1998 gig


Finally, in early 1998, the band's line-up was complete when Will Champion joined the band to take up percussion duties. The multi-talented Champion had grown up playing piano, guitar, bass, and tin whistle; he quickly learned the drums, despite having no previous experience with that instrument. At the time, the band still performed under the name Starfish. Eventually , a mutual friend of the band - Tim from the band 'The HIgh Wire' (not Tim Rice-Oxley, as previously reported), gave the band permission to use the name "Coldplay", which he had rejected for his band as he thought it was "too depressing". The name also comes from a collection of poems by Philip Horky.


Guy couldn't have actually been 'a classmate of the two' as they were all studying different subjects! But they were all at the same uni.


It doesn't say how they picked a singer, but I'm sure Guy and Jonny have never had any inclination to take lead vocal duties or be the main focus of the band. Will has stated that he doesn't think his voice is as strong as Chris's, so I doubt he would have wanted the job either, plus when he joined Chris was already established as the singer.


Btw; does anyone have a quote of how Guy joined, I'm sure I rememebr reading a direct quote from Guy on the subject somewhere - it was something like he heard Chris and Jonny playing together and just wanted to join in regardless of what kind of music they were gonna make.

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