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Important Coffee Question


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I dunno, it's pretty good.




I put in 3 and it was still pretty bland so I stuck a fourth in. Now OI can't take the fourht out obviously so I'm drinking it and it already has made me super hyper whixh is why I am typing so much so fast and no doubt making a ton of spelling mistakes that I will be rushing too much to notice

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I like the taste, I just add a little sugar to make it a bit sweeter. But for some reason today I kept adding sugar after sugar.



I actually got a real explosion after I finished the mug and I had to lie down to slow my heart. I am back to normal now but there was a few minutes when my heart was going a million miles an hour.

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the important question is.. how big was this cup of coffee? :P


I usually take 2 as well. I'm not big on having coffee for coffee's sake. just too bitter.


though coffee/loads of sugar never seem to effect me anyway. once, a barista got my order wrong, and I ended up with like seven sugars.


it didn't taste good, but I wasn't bouncing off walls either *shrugs*

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aw you know, honey in coffee just isn't right (to me) for some reason.


honey in tea? just fine. but the taste of honey with the taste of coffee just doesn't mesh well in my opinion. ...has anyone tried agave nectar? I've been meaning to try it. Curious what it tastes like.


Anyway I was just thinking.. are we talking spoonfuls of sugar (no mary poppins jokes please :P) or packets of sugar? because there's a huge discrepancy in amount there.


I like how this is getting somewhat scientific :P

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