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02-Jun-2009: DTE Energy Music Theatre, Detroit, MI, USA

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best show i ever saw, I have been a fan for a while and havnt had the chance to see them. Its amazing they can put out such energy with the tour schedule they keep. Had pavilion seats and its the first concert i have ever been to where the crowd stayed standing through the whole show. Fantastic!!

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That's totally awesome!!!! What did they ask you and at what point did they come up to you? During the opening acts or before anything started?


i'm sorry, i totally suck and i just saw this!!

i had been late getting there, and the 1st warmup band was on (the howling bells, i think. or at least whoever went on before pete yorn) and the two women asked the girls next to me some questions, and then they got up and began to leave. So i asked the girls if my friend and i could have their spot. The two women then told us that they wanted to ask us some questions. They asked what was Coldplay's first grammy winning song (clocks), what their first album was (parachutes) and who they collaborated with at the 2009 grammys' (jay-z). When i had answered the questions they asked me what i thought about front row, and i cried lol. it was literally the best night of my life.

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