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02-Jun-2009: DTE Energy Music Theatre, Detroit, MI, USA

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parafish13: Wtf! We do a cell phone wave and now I'm a believer! Go coldplay! Still close! What a nice party!


parafish13: This crowd is sold. Bravo coldplay: you've grown. A+++! One of the best shows of my life.


coreykautz: was less than 5 feet from Coldplay! Live!

parafish13: I'll never bash coldplay again


(Damn right you are! :dance:)


lizvollman: [email protected] what an unreal show

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We are going crazy Twitter updating here.


tomkasper: OMG! COLDPLAY is awesome live!!!


saadiaarabia: My brother ended up giving me an early bday present.. Coldplay tickets!! What a great show..


WeePeach: Blown away by the Coldplay show. I did not expect Chris Martin to be so funny, goofy, and...acrobatic.


vickiwalsh: Just leaving coldplay! Awesome concert, as usual!


dreamkeeper126: Coldplay was AMAZING!!! And I got a free cd! I will never ever miss Coldplay when they come to town again.

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KimberlySanford: Just saw the best band in the world, coldplay. And realized 2 things. 1. People go ape shit for confetti and 2. Im convinced i was sitti ...


140 characters dear :thinking:


FMVorenkamp: Let it be known throughout the lands that Coldplay is exceptionally good live. There is not a band that connect with the audience better ...


cecimo: can't believe how amazing coldplay is live and an awesome sense of humor!!

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oops sorry Min, i'm just reposting your posts:laugh3:

:laugh3: No worries, you're probably as excited as I am :D :embarassed:




Julietr89: Coldplay was amazing! Now trying to get out the parking lot lol


hales5: I love coldplay!!! Their concert was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!


briglioa21: waiting for traffic to clear out after coldplay. so flipping amaaaaaazing!!!

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It was so awesome!!! Loved every second except that I didn't get a single butterfly. :( The guy up in the rafters was only dumping them into the middle section and we were off to the side. But...AMAZING SHOW!!!!! They are just so great live!

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Really really fun show. I hit one of the yellow balloons, and got some butterfly confetti. Also, my friends mom had sixth row tickets, and she let me switch for one song. So i got to see Fix You from the sixth row, which just made my skin tingle. I was on Jonny's side so i got to see him go to town on the guitar part. Also got a copy of LRLRL without a problem

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Just got back from DTE, wow what an amazing show!! This is the third time i've seen them and this was by far the best. The energy was astounding. Great song selection!! My seats were directly in front of the extended ramp on stage right, i think Chris' sweat was flying on us!! It wouldn't have mattered where you were sitting though, the whole crowd had a great time. Well worth every penny.

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