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How do you get tens of thousands of posts??

Black Dog

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I took a couple months off from the forum and I'm stunned to see the number of people who joined while I was gone and now have sky-high post counts!! Now that I'm back, I've been pretty active, but my post count is growing pretty slowly. How the heck do you get 30 or 40 or 50 thousand posts in only a few months?!!

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depends on who you are!!


you can do it in a few ways


1) you're a troll and spam the forum, but we tend to dissuade them from posting


2) you're a fan girl/boy, and spend a lot of time in the picture threads


3) you get actively involved in the lounge games


4) you get involved in chatting to peeps, and don't notice you've spent the whole night posting


5) you post news/join the book thread/discuss Lost etc. (basically visit multiple areas of the board and post in them all frequently)


6) You go to a live show, take loads of pics & use up lots of posts in the live section sharing them


anyone got any more?

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