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How was your day? Thread

John Brashears

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Introducing the 'How Was Your Day Thread?' Post what your day was like, pretty simple.


Well, school went by pretty fast, I went home and watched a bit of T.V., a friend came over for a little while, browsed the webs, joined Coldplaying.com, practiced some piano. Oh, and I watched some of 'Amadeus', dad told me to bring the laptop in at around 9:30 and now it's 9:34 eep.


Basic day, but it was pretty fun. Trying to learn 'Shiver' on the piano is keeping me smiling.

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today's just beginning....




-i got shit coldplay seats, then this AMAZING customer service rep EXCHANGED them for me and now i have AMAZING ones!! (this was a really, really rare thing. i don't want to get your hopes up)

-i found out my computer isn't broken!!!

-my friend is going to name her child HARVEY PHILLIP cause of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Twitter has got to be one of the most useless things ever. I don't even know why I got one the first place...:dead:


Anyway. For the most part, my day sucked. Actually, my entire week was pretty bad. I want Monday to get here. :(

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I want Monday to get here. :(


:o Do you value not your weekends? :shocked2:


My day has been boring; I'm supposed to be writing about how awful a place Sudan is but instead I've been farting around on the computer -- that's what I love about Saturdays (and what I hate about Sundays :P).

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I know, but if you knew how overly critical he was of my music throughout the entire conversation...ARGH. He made it sound like he knew all that was right and wrong when it came to musical preferences, and it just pissed me off. :angry:

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So far this topics major complaints are 'My Throat Hurts' and 'My Parents Hate Coldplay'.


Just thought I'd let you guys in on that.

Err, I forgot yesterday.


Friday: Some friends came over and we played some Call of Duty, had the brilliant idea of digging out the old Nerf guns from the garage to relive our childhood days of glory, officially found 9-13 guns, and 7 bullets. Went to target and spent 22 dollars on more bullets, went to a mates basement cranked up some coldplay and played Nerf Shoot Anyone That Moves for about 4 hours. Some of the most fun i've had in years.

Saturday: About the same (The Nerf Battles continued) except with less school and more computer/piano, going pretty well so far, getting more into Coldplaying. Oh, and i'm pretty sure i'm getting great tickets for the coldplay show in Atlanta. So far, pretty good.

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