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Your final Coldplay song before going to sleep at night


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I don't have one song that I listen to before sleep. I've made a few playlists that I fall asleep to.

One of them is:

The Scientist

Fix You

Warning Sign

A Message



In My Place


Kingdom Come

Green Eyes

Swallowed In The Sea


I don't have many B-sides on my iPod yet (I know :shame:) unfortunately. Some of you mentioned Gravity, but I'd wet my pillow with tears, 'cause it makes me cry every time. :cry:


The disadvantage of sleeping with your headphones in you ears is that the morning after you might be laying on them, hurting your back. :confused:

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Which version?


At the moment, mine is "A Message".


:wacky:Melanie,I have to find this:D!


:uhoh: Oh dear!


I'm actually not sure but I know someone will know! It's from an interview and it's older. Before the song Chris says something about the others still being asleep and then at the end of the song someone says - Jazz:lol:


Sorry I can't tell you exactly where it came from :shame:

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