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Your final Coldplay song before going to sleep at night


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I dont know if this topic has been done before, but anyway as the title says, you can tell people here a Coldplay song that is always or mostly played before you sleep (if there is any). Mine is Fix You, well, because it always gives me good feeling, and that last part of the song never ceases to give me chills, so that i can sleep tight lol.

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Ironically enough, I cannot listen to Chinese Sleep Chant before I go to bed. If I do, it will keep me up all night.


That riff is so unbelievably catchy, it gets lodged into my brain and leaves me feeling frantic and untired all night. Never listen to CSC before bed.

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DAAHF :tongue:


I know it seems like a strange choice... Although it starts quiet, it swells when the drums kick in.


But it's some form of catharsis and manages to release any pent-up energy from the day to allow me to sleep @ night.


Speaking of which, I think I shall put that on now since it's past 3am already :thinking:

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It actually depends on my mood. It was Don't Panic last night (which is a popular one to listen to before bed for me). We Never Change is one I've done recently... I do remember that I used to always listen to The Scientist before bed.

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I make a mini setlist each night while lying in bed haha


Last night it was: LiT, Square One, In My Place, See You Soon, GPASUYF + Talk (Techno), Viva La Vida, LiJ Acoustic version, Everythings Not Lost, Amsterdam, Life is for Living


All live versions, works every night :)

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