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Your final Coldplay song before going to sleep at night


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:uhoh: Oh dear!


I'm actually not sure but I know someone will know! It's from an interview and it's older. Before the song Chris says something about the others still being asleep and then at the end of the song someone says - Jazz:lol:


Sorry I can't tell you exactly where it came from :shame:


is this it, perhaps?


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTEKsbLl64w]YouTube - Chris Martin--Yellow (piano version)[/ame]

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Amsterdam is great when I can't sleep. Or Prospekt's march :)

But since i added Crests of waves to my fall-asleep-playlist on my iPod (i can't listen to my stereo in the evening, that would wake up my neighbour's little son :dozey:) I always listen to that song before sleep. And it does wonders for me :D

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ha I love this thread I have a whole play list called "sleep satisfied" on my i-pod and I have Crest of Waves, Murder, I Bloom Blaum, Prospekt's March, Death and All His Friends, Proof,The Escapist, We Never Change, ah too many to name !

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