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V2003: Coldplay Set


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Hi peeps!


Well what a fantastic day! Great atmosphere, good, great and amazing music, fantastic weather, oh yeah and there were Coldplay :)


So for the set, well unknowing what was and what was not shown on TV, the highlights were most of the regular tour set:


The Scientist


Everything's Not Lost

God Put A Smile

In My Place...

CLOCKS - very very well received and an amazing sight with their uber-green-laser streaming over the croud :D


The less known tracks included were (drum roll...)


Your World Turns Upside Down (an EXCELLENT performance - they really have this one nailed now and it's a great, great song - the only thing i'm not sure of is if i like the ending..)


Poor Me (again very well recevied - these new songs are really coming into their own now - but they played out the track with a full-band closing rather than the far more atmospheric chris piano close which is a shame in my opinion :embarrased: )


Chris was quite chatty and his usual over zealous self. Yet again it was the best gig of their lives - but hey I guess there were some people who hadn't already heard that three times this year :rolleyes:


They closed off the set with a shortened rendition of "it's a wonderful word" with the second verse as a thank you to the crowd...


My feelings after the set were that they are still on very top form but i felt that they want to move on a bit now - they are starting to move the set on a bit with new songs now a regular occurance and all it makes you think of TIME FOR A NEW ALBUM NOW LADS...


I hope they oblige :cool:


So all in all a great set and a great day!!!


roll on next year :cool:

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i'll probably post my take on all this, though it will read similar to Si's...

some quick comments:


I loved YWTUD(is it your or my?... No Matter!) ...awesome! I hadn't heard it live till yesterday.


Personal Highlights: Chris goofing around throwing himself off the piano :D , Daylight- the first time i saw them, i wasnt really feeling this song but now YES!!!

other personal highlight- Shiver! woooo! BUT


i still have yet to hear Ladder to the Sun live :angry: :lol:

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sounds amazing!great!...i was listenin all the time to the virgin radio online stream....but they only played 3 songs!! fuck!......they were talkin all the time about some rumour that coldplay were gonna perform with someone from a band that has been 25 yrs on the road!!...but it seems it was only a rumour!.... :confused: :)

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i think it was going to Lips Like Sugar but it turned out Echo & The Bunnymen performed it earlier on so maybe it was scrapped...


I can't believe my vibe of them seeming to be itching for a new album was so accurate :lol: :cool:

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Heeeeeey, lucky Simon who enjoyed nice weather in Chemlsford...

In Stafford it was raining from Ash show but, as if they were gods... Coldplay in stage and rain stopped!! :D

And, yeah yeah yeah yeah, they played Shiver too!!!! I listened the previous night from Chemlsford but when I heared it there live... ooooooooh!! magical moment!!!! :D

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By the way, these songs were recorded in Chemlsford o Stafford?

**please, Stafford, fingers crossed*

not sure about all of them, but I'm sure "The Scientist" is Chelmsford (I was there!!! :D ) and Chris had a bit of a "cough" in the middle of the second verse (bless 'im!) :)

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