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NZers: Chris Martin on Jono's New Show


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I had to reserve my 10,000th post for celebration to post this for you:




NZ is quite simply not England, no matter how much they try or don't try.


That's a great 10,000th post :lol:


Yeah, New Zealand ≠ England. Just an FYI.


Looks interesting. Will watch it on YouTube once it comes on.

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I can answer that, it isn't on there by personal request. It wouldn't matter where it was hosted, as long as the link worked it would be on there (but it is a CP fic to answer the third concern).


Also, if you haven't read Careful Where You Stand yet, go read it, it's a Chris/Jonny one. If you don't like slash however, I can suggest New York to LA, Speed of Sound and Lovers in Japan.


Apparently that was your 10,000th post? Very mind-blowing. :rolleyes:

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Yaaayyyyyy, gotta love the questions from CHRIS MARTIN (cricket fame) to CHRIS MARTIN (coldplay) lol and some silly chick called Phobee tattooing lyrics (i think from EVERYTHING NOT LOST)on her arm, I don't think he could believe that either, Dai Henwood behaved himself , not his style tho lol

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