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I Declare a Holiday - Radiohead week ON NOW!!!


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Radiohead Week has started.


Pablo Honey here




I declare a holiday!


We're going to have Radiohead week on here May 3rd - May 9th.

Thats seven days.

Conveniently they have seven albums.

The details haven't been worked out yet, but what I would like are hosts for each album. Just send me a PM or claim an album here and I'll contact you all about how we'll carry forth with each day.


Each day the host will start the thread, a poll, post some youtube links, talk about the album, and also host a listening party at a time of their choice.



Date - Album - Host

May 3rd- Pablo Honey - available

May 4th - The Bends - Milica (MK)

May 5th - OK Computer - Ricardo

May 6th - Kid A - Briggins

May 7th - Amnesiac - Anna (anna111)

May 8th - Hail To The Theif - Despereaux

May 9th - In Rainbows - the_gloamin09 (Mike)

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this is a great idea and should be fun.


here are some ideas that i thought of (with the help from briggins) for the survey questions for each album:


Favorite Song

Least Favorite Song

Most Listened to Song (iTunes/Last.fm)

Least Listened to song (itunes/last.fm)

Favorite song musically

Favorite song lyrically

Favorite line of the album

Most overrated song

Most underrated song

Current Favorite

Favorite when you first listened to the song


What song best exemplifies each of the members off the album






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